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4.4.15: No doubt you've noticed that nothing's happened here for a good long while. As they say, I've been going through "stuff." Be that as it may, 2015 is my year, the year of the sheep/goat/ram (experts disagree, though it seems fairly clear to me that it merely depends on the length of one's horns, to wit, the degree of horni…nevermind); it is the year of recovery, of reconnection, of the reboot. I am sheep, hear me roar. Hmph. Anyway. Watch this space. Or not. Either way, I vill be buck. And with any luck, one of these days I'll even start writing again. Cheers.




Summer 2013: This year's summer writing event, "Love Has No Boundaries," organized by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads, is in full swing. More than 150 stories on love between men that were created during the past months especially for the event are being posted throughout June and July, including my own:

If you're at all interested in or curious about m/m fiction, head over to the group, sign up and enjoy approximately 3 million words of steamy summer reading.

"Oil & Water" is a somewhat absurd, tongue-in-cheek spin-off from the novel I'm currently writing, involving two of the characters. "Rainfire" will be a romantic adventure with an intriguing setting, plenty of loving and some magical twists. 


23.1.12: Ayumi Matsuzaka's "All My Cycle" Performance (5:00 Version):

30.6.11: Youtube Trailer für "Das Pferd mit den sieben Farben":

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